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Take a ride in Tesla's newest car, the 'best car ever made'
The Model S P90D costs $140,000. It is also being called by many "the best car ever made". From its 17 inch touchscreen menu, to its startling acceleration thanks to "ludicrous mode", get a behind-the-wheel look at Tesla's newest car.
- 13 Oct 15, 4:52pm -
Minds Blown: Scientists Develop Fish That Walk On Land
Canadian scientists looking into the very first land animals took a fish out of water and forced it to walk.
- 28 Aug 14, 1:13pm -
Atlantic Ocean Might Be To Blame For Global Warming 'Pause'
Researchers say a recent pause in rising global temperatures might be caused by currents in the Atlantic Ocean.
- 25 Aug 14, 2:02am -
Y Combinator And Mithril Invest In Helion, A Nuclear Fusion Startup
Y Combinator and Mithril Capital Management are investing $1.5 million in Helion Energy, a Redmond, Washingon-based startup that says it has a plan to build a fusion reactor that breaks even on energy input and output, a challenge whose solution has…
- 14 Aug 14, 6:16pm -
Remains Of Ancient Horses, Lions, Found In Wyo. Cave
Researchers in Wyoming have discovered thousands of well- preserved fossils at the bottom of Natural Trap Cave.
- 9 Aug 14, 9:13pm -
Dieting At A Young Age Might Lead To Harmful Health Habits
Researchers say women who diet at a young age are at greater risk of developing harmful health habits, including eating disorders and alcohol abuse.
- 30 Jul 14, 11:07pm -
Environment - White House Climate Change is Now
The third National Climate Assessment has been made public. Matt Sampson has the details.
- 30 Jul 14, 11:00pm -
Environment - Climate Change Concerns
Al Roker talks to President Obama about the growing concerns of climate change.
- 30 Jul 14, 11:00pm -
13 Totally Horrifying Facts About Seafood
Sushi is a lot more mysterious than you realize.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:57pm -
Environment - Diseases Linked with Sea Temps
Today the Climate Change Report was released by the White House. See what it found.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:54pm -
Environment - White House Climate Change Report
Julie Martin reports from the White House on the much anticipated Climate Change Report.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:54pm -
Environment - The Weather Channel Talks to White House
The Weather Channel spoke with President Obama's Science Advisor, Dr. John Holdren on how to tackle climate change.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:54pm -
Uncharted - Man-Made Lake Creates Desert!
The idea was nice to begin with, the officials planned to make a beautiful lake on the outskirts of the city by tapping a natural water source called Dragon Lake. The underground water source dried up and all the dug-up sand began to spread.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:44pm -
What Climate Change Would Actually Look Like
Data from Climate Central with artist Nickolay Lamm.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:42pm -
Weather - Watch the Earth Change
The FORTIETH anniversary of USGS was marked by a collection of images of the earth. Matt Sampson has the details.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:38pm -
Environment - A Super Chicken!
The Weather Channel meteorologist Julie Martin reports on a new plan to breed animals that can actually beat the heat.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:28pm -
Warp - Earth, Moon Older Than We Think
The exact age of our planet isn't known, however, the earth could be much older than previously thought. How much older? Well estimates are in the millions of years.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:23pm -
Environment - Shocking NASA Images
New images from NASA show that one part of our atmosphere is improving. Matt Sampson has the details.
- 30 Jul 14, 10:07pm -
The Wrap - UN Shelter in Gaza Comes Under Fire; Tornado Slams Virginia Campground
As tensions increase between Israel and Hamas, an Air Algerie passenger jet disappears from radar, and actor Shia LaBeouf appears in court.
- 30 Jul 14, 9:23pm -
Are Ginger Genes Going Away?
Researchers suggest the gene that causes red hair may be on its way out as a result of climate change.
- 9 Jul 14, 6:12pm -
Aston Martin To Equip Race Cars With Solar-Powered Air Conditioning
British sports-car manufacturer Aston Martin will soon be keeping race-car drivers cool with solar-powered air-conditioning systems. The company announced a partnership with Hanergy Global Solar Power and Applications Group to equip cars with ultra-t…
- 19 Jun 14, 6:49pm -
Scientists Detail Enormous Subterranean Water Reserves
Scientists say a layer of minerals in the mantle could hold three times the water present on Earth's surface.
- 13 Jun 14, 5:30pm -
NASA Unveils Incredible 'global Selfie' Of Earth
On Earth Day in April, NASA asked people around the world, "Where are you right now?" More than 50,000 people responded across social media. A month later, NASA has pulled more than 30,000 of those images into an interactive mosaic that resembles the…
- 23 May 14, 10:43pm -
Google Signs A 407 MW Wind Energy Deal For Its Iowa Data Center
It’s Earth Day , so there isn’t a company on the Internet that isn’t trying to brandish its green image. Apple led the charge earlier this week and today, Google announced that it has inked a deal with MidAmerican Energy to supply its $1.5 bill…
- 22 Apr 14, 5:42pm -

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  • NASA Is Building 'World’s Most Powerful Rocket'

    NASA Is Building 'World’s Most Powerful Rocket'

    NASA is one step closer to building its next spaceship. Officials approved the Space Launch System’s transition from the formula phase to the development phase on Wednesday. NASA administrator Charles Bolden called it a journey of scientific and hu…
    - 28 Aug 14, 6:13pm -
  • 'Beam Me To Mars' Lets You Send Martian Messages To Fund Space Exploration

    'Beam Me To Mars' Lets You Send Martian Messages To Fund Space Exploration

    The space-funding company Uwingu launched its "Beam Me to Mars" project today inviting people to contribute, for a fee, to a "digital shout-out" that will send messages from Earth to the Red Planet on November 28th — the 50th anniversary of Mars ex…
    - 19 Aug 14, 6:54pm -
  • Whoa! Rolling Boulder On Mars Leaves Trail Visible From Space

    Whoa! Rolling Boulder On Mars Leaves Trail Visible From Space

    NASA has a case of Mars rock and roll ... literally. The agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter currently orbiting the Red Planet has spotted the trail left behind after a tall boulder tumbled down a Martian slope. The Mars rock's misshapen prints are…
    - 14 Aug 14, 11:17pm -