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Time-Lapse: Storm Dumps Record Snow on New York City
A record-setting blizzard blanketed New York City it over two feet of snow. This timelapse shows views of the snowstorm slamming the city in Midtown Manhattan and Bryant Park. Photo: Jarrard Cole/The Wall Street Journal
- 24 Jan 16, 5:47pm -
Aerial Footage From Scene of NYC Building Collapse
Aerial footage shows the scene of a partial building collapse in Midtown Manhattan on Friday that left at least one person dead. Photo: Peter J. Smith for The Wall Street Journal
- 30 Oct 15, 5:57pm -
Water Main Break Floods Parts of Queens
A water main break caused major flooding Friday morning in Elmhurst, Queens. Water entered buildings, delayed subway trains and shut down traffic on Queens Boulevard. Photo: Adrienne Grunwald for The Wall Street Journal
- 23 Oct 15, 11:07pm -
NYC Ceremony Marks 14th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks
A somber ceremony at the plaza of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in lower Manhattan marked the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Watch excerpts from the ceremony. Photo: Getty Images
- 11 Sep 15, 6:24pm -
Uber to NYC Mayor de Blasio: Take a Hike!
Uber launched a “De Blasio’s Uber” feature on its app to protest the New York City mayor’s proposal to limit the number of Uber drivers on the city streets. Photo: Tom Vigliotta/The Wall Street Journal
- 17 Jul 15, 9:19pm -
Video Shows Suspect in Manhattan Diner Shooting
A surveillance video shows a suspect paying for takeout food at City Diner in Manhattan. The suspect is wanted in connection with a shooting at the Upper West Side restaurant early on the morning of July 16. Photo/Video: New York Police Department
- 16 Jul 15, 5:45pm -
NYC to Pay Garner Estate $5.9 Million
New York City will pay the family of Eric Garner $5.9 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit. Mr. Garner died after an NYPD officer put him in a chokehold during an arrest in July 2014. Photo: Peter Foley for the Wall Street Journal.
- 14 Jul 15, 7:44pm -
Ticker-Tape Parade Draws U.S. Fans
Fans of the U.S. women’s soccer team turned out in force at the ticker-tape parade for the World Cup winners in New York City. Photo: Joseph Lingad/The Wall Street Journal
- 10 Jul 15, 11:13pm -
To Justice Kennedy, love New York
An interpretation of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's final paragraph of the Supreme Court decision that held same sex marriage to be legal, from revelers at New York City's 2015 gay pride parade.
- 29 Jun 15, 12:48pm -
New Jersey-New York Commute at a Crossroads
Aging rail tunnels Amtrak and NJ Transit passengers use between New Jersey and New York top experts’ lists of the most pressing transportation problems facing the two states. Photo: Jennifer Weiss for The Wall Street Journal
- 7 May 15, 4:51am -
Police, Protesters Clash in New York City
Dozens were arrested in New York City Wednesday night as they protested the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered fatal injuries in the custody of Baltimore police. Photo: Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal
- 30 Apr 15, 12:51pm -
NYC's Liberty Island Cleared of Threat
Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty, was evacuated Friday afternoon but later cleared of threats. WSJ's Pervaiz Shallwani updates. Photo: AP
- 24 Apr 15, 9:04pm -
Broken Penn Station Escalator Can Mean a Tough Climb
An escalator at New York Penn Station's busy entrance at Seventh Avenue and West 32nd Street has been out of commission since early January, which can mean a tough walk up the stairs. Photo: Keith Bedford for The Wall Street Journal
- 22 Apr 15, 10:31pm -
Blast and Building Collapse in NYC's East Village
An explosion Thursday afternoon in Manhattan’s East Village injured at least 19 people, damaged four buildings and led to the collapse of at least one of the buildings. Photo: Peter J. Smith for The Wall Street Journal
- 27 Mar 15, 3:45am -
Raw Footage: NYC East Village Fire
On Thursday afternoon an explosion in New York City’s East Village led to a building collapse and multiple injuries.
- 26 Mar 15, 9:22pm -
NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade Includes First Gay Group
New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade included its first openly gay group this year. But protesters on the sidelines - and Mayor de Blasio, who boycotted - sought more inclusiveness. Photo: Kevin Hagen for The Wall Street Journal
- 17 Mar 15, 11:14pm -
Mapping the Bacteria in the NYC Subway
For more than a year, Cornell University's Christopher Mason and his team of researchers have been identifying bacteria in the New York City subway system. And some of the findings might surprise you. Photo: Katie Orlinsky for The Wall Street Journal
- 5 Feb 15, 6:03pm -
‘Juno’ Timelapse: The New York Blizzard That Wasn't
Experts predicted the blizzard nicknamed Juno could dump record snow amounts on New York City. This timelapse view of Manhattan during the storm shows that the reality was far less impressive. Other parts of the Northeast received record snowfalls.
- 27 Jan 15, 7:47pm -
Video captures snow beginning to fall in New York
Video posted to social media shows snow beginning to fall in New York City, ahead of what is expected to be a blizzard in the Northeast.
- 26 Jan 15, 10:26pm -
N.Y. Assembly Speaker Accused of Abusing Power
New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested Thursday on federal corruption charges, accused of using his political power to obtain millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks. Photo: Peter Foley for The Wall Street Journal
- 23 Jan 15, 12:43am -
Moviegoers React to 'The Interview'
New York moviegoers give their reactions on Sunday after attending a screening of Sony Pictures' "The Interview."
- 25 Dec 14, 11:05pm -
The People Behind the Protests in New York City
In recent weeks, protesters have marched through New York City, held "die-ins" at Grand Central Station, and found other ways to rally against what they see as police violence. These are some of them. Photo: Mark Abramson for The Wall Street Journal
- 14 Dec 14, 8:18pm -
In New York, William and Kate Celebrate Their Alma Mater
Prince William and Kate ended their trip to the U.S. at a black-tie fundraiser for their alma mater, St. Andrews, where they first met. Earlier Tuesday, the royal couple visited the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Niki Blasina reports. Pho…
- 10 Dec 14, 12:45pm -
Sights and sounds: New York’s High Line
Take a walk along New York’s High Line, an abandoned, elevated rail line remade into a park drawing scores of visitors and pricey projects.
- 25 Nov 14, 5:59pm -


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