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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders did a whole lot of 'agreeing' at the Feb. 11 debate
Whether they agreed or disagreed, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had to work hard to differentiate themselves at Thursday's debate.
- 12 Feb 16, 5:42am -
Iowa Caucus: Cruz Beat Trump; Democrats Too Close to Call
Sen. Ted Cruz defeated Donald Trump in the Iowa Republican caucuses while Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders were locked in dead heat in the Democratic race. WSJ's Shelby Holliday breaks down the results of the first-in-the-nation presidential v…
- 2 Feb 16, 9:23am -
Here's how the Iowa caucuses work
On Feb. 1, Iowans will be the first to cast votes in 2016 for the candidates they want to be their party's nominee for president. Critics say the process is complicated and undemocratic. Here's how it works.
- 26 Jan 16, 10:21pm -
What's in the Washington Post basement? Nixon tapes and Cold War spy photos
Deep in the basement of the Washington Post newsroom, national security reporter Walter Pincus is rediscovering 40 years worth of handwritten notes, White House telephone records and declassified spy photos. As the Post prepares to move into a new bu…
- 23 Oct 15, 8:15pm -
Climate change, immigration and more: Pope Francis gets political in Washington
From his private meeting with President Obama to giving the first-ever papal address before a joint session of Congress, Pope Francis did not shy away from politics during his three-day stop in Washington, D.C.
- 24 Sep 15, 9:56pm -
Service and selfies at Pope Francis’s Catholic Charities stop
Volunteers helped serve meals to more than 300 guests during Pope Francis's visit to Catholic Charities in Washington, D.C. Here's the gift that one volunteer walked away with.
- 24 Sep 15, 9:35pm -
Here’s what CPAC actually looks like
The annual Conservative Political Action Conference is at the National Harbor, as conservative students and activists hear from 2016 hopefuls. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the sights and sounds of CPAC 2015.
- 27 Feb 15, 4:52am -
Deadline Nears on Homeland Security Funding Impasse
The Republican-controlled Congress returns to Washington before its first major fiscal deadline - funding the Department of Homeland Security. WSJ's Kristina Peterson reports. Photo: Getty
- 23 Feb 15, 2:35pm -
Romance at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
On Valentine’s weekend, love is in the air. From Presidents Kennedy and Reagan to Bush, here’s a look at how our past presidents have celebrated romance.
- 13 Feb 15, 6:49pm -
Why President Obama's budget plan doesn’t (really) matter
President Obama’s annual budget proposal includes a $4 trillion price tag, a 10-year deficit reduction plan — and almost no chance of passing a Republican-controlled Congress. Here’s what you need to know about his proposal and its political im…
- 2 Feb 15, 11:49pm -
Romney running again? Behind the scenes for 2016
Could the third time be a charm for Mitt Romney? The former Republican presidential candidate is making moves to explore another possible White House bid, according to sources. The Post's Karen Tumulty explains what's happening behind the scenes, and…
- 14 Jan 15, 12:47am -
Late-night laughs: New Congress edition
It's the start of the 114th Congress, and late-night comedians like Jon Stewart, Seth Meyers and others couldn't resist taking a few jabs at the newbies.
- 10 Jan 15, 12:41am -
Sen. Carl Levin on lessons learned in Iraq, Afghanistan | Exit Interview
Retiring Senator Carl Levin(D-Mich.) reflects on his time as chair of the Armed Services Committee, watching the county go to war, twice, and the eventual repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'
- 23 Dec 14, 1:09am -
Members recall their ​best and worst days in Congress
Five outgoing lawmakers share their fondest memories of Capitol Hill and some of the hardest days on the job.
- 22 Dec 14, 1:23pm -
Cantor: 'It'd have been a huge privilege to be speaker' | Exit Interview
After 14 years in Congress, former House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) reflects on what it was like to be characterized as a "villain" and frontman on opposition to President Obama.
- 15 Dec 14, 6:58pm -
Here's how the GOP can take the Senate
The Fix’s Chris Cillizza breaks down how close the battle for the Senate really is.
- 3 Nov 14, 12:51pm -
How to spend $3.6 billion this midterm election
Thirty-six Senate races, $3.6 billion in total costs and one election: Here's a look at 2014 midterm spending, by the numbers.
- 31 Oct 14, 12:03pm -
A roundup of 2014 DCCC campaign ads
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is out with a slew of ads for the 2014 midterms. The themes range from fighting Wall Street to impersonating candidates. Here's a look at a few of this year's crop.
- 3 Oct 14, 11:30pm -
ICYMI: GOP rep. loses seat in Michigan primary
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.), became the third member of Congress to lose his House seat during this year's primary elections. Meanwhile, Milton Wolf, a tea party challenger and distant cousin of President Obama, lost his bid for a Kansas Senate s…
- 6 Aug 14, 11:16am -
Lawmakers Question Hagel on Bergdahl Swap
WSJ's Washington D.C. bureau chief Jerry Seib joins Tanya Rivero on Lunch Break to analyze U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's testimony of the Obama administration's quick decision to swap five Taliban detainees in Guantanamo Bay for U.S. Sgt. Bowe…
- 11 Jun 14, 5:52pm -
Hillary hype? Not at this bookstore.
Washington Post Opinions' writer Alexandra Petri visits Kramerbooks in Washington, D.C. to see if copies of Hillary Clinton's much-anticipated memoir, "Hard Choices," are flying off of the shelves.
- 10 Jun 14, 10:22pm -
Did Obama warn against Obamacare? | Truth Teller
The most-aired political ad of the past 10 years comes from 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama attacked Sen. John McCain's health care plan. But as president, Obama adopted some of the same ideas he attacked then. Truth Teller meets Throwback Thursday…
- 10 Apr 14, 10:29am -
Desk to Desk: Explaining the CIA search accusations
Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) accused the CIA of breaking the law by searching her committee's computers. The Post's Karen Tumulty, Scott Wilson, Terence Samuel and Adam Goldman explain the impact in Washington.
- 23 Mar 14, 11:33pm -
Ted Cruz's 'biggest lie in all of politics'
Is there an echo in the chamber? Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) discusses what he perceives as the single biggest lie in politics.
- 23 Mar 14, 11:28pm -


  • Computer Science Teacher Codes a Path to Success

    Computer Science Teacher Codes a Path to Success

    Allison Cuttler, a computer science teacher in Newark, N.J., has earned recognition for her students' success with the subject. Last spring, all of her students who took the Advanced Placement exam passed. Photo/Video: Jennifer Weiss
    - 16 Feb 16, 2:23am -
  • What this man did in 1935 is connected to what's happening at Mizzou today.

    What this man did in 1935 is connected to what's happening at Mizzou today.

    Lloyd Gaines applied to the University of Missouri School of Law in 1935, and that has some surprising connections to what happened on campus this week.
    - 13 Nov 15, 3:20pm -
  • Harlem Students Prepare to Meet Pope Francis

    Harlem Students Prepare to Meet Pope Francis

    Six students from Harlem's St. Charles Borromeo School who are part of a group of 24 third and fourth graders selected to meet Pope Francis at Our Lady Queen of Angels School on Friday have been busy preparing. Photo/Video: Jennifer Weiss
    - 23 Sep 15, 8:44pm -

New York

  • Time-Lapse: Storm Dumps Record Snow on New York City

    Time-Lapse: Storm Dumps Record Snow on New York City

    A record-setting blizzard blanketed New York City it over two feet of snow. This timelapse shows views of the snowstorm slamming the city in Midtown Manhattan and Bryant Park. Photo: Jarrard Cole/The Wall Street Journal
    - 24 Jan 16, 5:47pm -
  • Aerial Footage From Scene of NYC Building Collapse

    Aerial Footage From Scene of NYC Building Collapse

    Aerial footage shows the scene of a partial building collapse in Midtown Manhattan on Friday that left at least one person dead. Photo: Peter J. Smith for The Wall Street Journal
    - 30 Oct 15, 5:57pm -
  • Water Main Break Floods Parts of Queens

    Water Main Break Floods Parts of Queens

    A water main break caused major flooding Friday morning in Elmhurst, Queens. Water entered buildings, delayed subway trains and shut down traffic on Queens Boulevard. Photo: Adrienne Grunwald for The Wall Street Journal
    - 23 Oct 15, 11:07pm -

Bay Area